ok ok, who has the book? or more importantly, who doesnt?
I wanna start a convo on this but I have just read the first page thus far.
I plan to read the whole book to/from NYC on my trip with Liz this week.
Here is the schedule*

October: Hillary
November: Carly

*the catch is...that you must have your book picked by the 15th of the previous month so that we can have more time to get out and purchase it.
SOoooo Heather, the pressure is on!


  1. So.... No lies here. I have yet to pick up the book, but I have plans on a wonderful Sunday walk over to B&N to pick it up and get started. I'll keep you ladies posted as soon as my mission is accomplished.

    It sounds like I better get moving - Carly's organized on this one and won't settle for the slackers, so if anyone else out there is like me - Get Moving!! I'm looking forward to reading the book and sharing comments!

  2. Omg, Carly you are cracking me up. The teacher in you is totally coming out and I love it! Way to kick us into gear. I now have the book and plan on making a good dent this week. Happy reading ladies and Moorman sisters, have so much fun in Nyc! I'm thinking you post pics and give a trip overview on here next week!

  3. that sounds fun! how is NY girls? FYI, Carly you will be proud of me as Hill is chuggung vino I am already narrowing down my book selection for July...it will be great! Hillmoo where are yooooooo?!

    Um, I am going to interject here, Marcy has a glass of wine in front of her, thanks and good night..

    I will sign up later - see ya bunch o bitches