******Discussion question #2******
After the accident, June says that there are two types of horrible events: the type that make you grab life by the throat and never take it for granted and the type that make you watch a lot of reality TV. Was her reaction realistic? How would you feel if a passenger died while you were driving?

PS: I liked Marcy's idea of putting together a list for ourselves. Like 11 things to do in 1 year or 20 things to do before my 30th b-day. Just like Marissa, some of the things could be little or trivial but a few of them should be more fufilling and/or pushed us out of our comfort zone.
I think we should share what we are going to put on our list. It will def. be interesting.

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  1. I totally think her reaction is spot on. I think we would all like to say, if we were put in that position that we would "grab life by the throat and never take it for granted", but realistically, at least personally, would probably spiral into the TV watching zombie for awhile. I think part of you natuarally would shut down for a bit but, much like June, eventually the situation would make you appreciate life and hopefully start living it to the fullest.