Discussion Question 2

A couple questions to talk about this week.

Have any of you attended or considered attended a women's rights demonstration? (are they even a big thing anymore?)

Who has ever watched the Miss America contest?

For me, I've never attended or even thought about a women's right demonstration in this day and age. and I always used to watch Miss America when I was little - I'll even catch it once and awhile just to see what the contestents look like (dresses, hair, makeup, talent). When I was little, I would usually pick out my favorite girl and kind of cheer her on throughout the program. I don't think that I ever remember wanting to be in those pageants, but fun to watch. I think that it was kind of interesting to read the evolution of the Wednesday Sisters over the years and their group watching the pageant. I think the author was trying to show that women have other interests and life and the evolution of this group to other things in life beyond just beauty - like writing or working which I am sure both were still pretty revolutionary during that era. Each of them had their own dreams that come out through the book and each them attending the demonstration I think was showing them wanting to begin living out those dreams. Thoughts?

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  1. I would definitley consider attending a demonstration. But the real question is...if i was living during the era of the Wednesday sisters would I attend one?
    Thats very hard to answer bc there was so much sexism that many people would openly hate you if they thought you were questioning your expected role in the home. I would like to say yes...and especially if you had the group support of some women friends.