Who has started?

Okay girls.... no fooling around here. Who has the book so far and who has started reading it?!?!? Will this be another month of May?......


  1. HEY hey heyyyyy
    I have started the book and i'm already about half way through. I think this book is fantastic. Its almost like a history lesson...regarding the first walk on the moon, how sexist our society was back then, and how interracial couples were big no no's back then. Its interesting and i cant wait to read more.

  2. I can't help it (too much time on planes). I finished up the book last week and am dying to talk about it before I forget about what I read. Good point Carly. I was a little nervous about choosing this book out and it took a little bit longer to read than most, but I think that it was because there was some more interesting topics included in it. Some of which were pretty controversial at the time.

  3. I'll be honest, when i first started reading it I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to connect with the characters. After reading a little bit I am totally hooked. The narrator seems to be the one character that is probably in the middle of being conservative/liberal in her views. I feel like she is in a constant tug of war of what her role is as a woman/mother/wife. Its very interesting. I feel like i'm reading a sociology book or woman studies book.

  4. Hey Ladies,
    Sorry I've been MIA from the board. Last week was absolute madness at work preparing for a big meeting, but this week is quiet and I'm really starting to get into the book. I will post more tomorrow and catch up!