June Book - Discussion Question 1

Who has the book and who still needs to get it?  Okay - for those who have gotten started....  Why do you think Brett wears the white gloves?  Do you think she has something to hide?


  1. I think Brett def. has some big story behind the glove wearing. I am dying to know. Maybe she has hideous scars from childhood abuse with scalding hot water or maybe she tried to commit suicide when she was younger and is trying to hide self inflicted wounds. I am about half way done and it hasnt given any real answers on the glove issue.
    hmmmmmmmmmm what do u guys think?

  2. Germaphobe?
    It's weird because they make such a point of the white gloves in her introduction that I always picture the gloves when they mention her. I feel the buildup means there has to be a good story behind it....

  3. hey ladies, I am liking the book so far. I think she did try to commit suicide because she lost a baby, remember how she got when ally lost hers? SPeaking of which, I don't think that the little girl is Ally's daughter. what do you guys think? Hill still doesnt know how to log-in, she thinks the white gloves are to hide scars but she doesn't think it was suicide scars.

  4. I thought they would give the reason sooner in the book because that is the way it started out, but they don't say until near the end of the book. I'm not telling...