Trick Question or is it?

So..... I thought about posting a trick question to test who was really reading the book and as much as I cracked myself up thinking about how evil I could be, I decided to be 'not so evil' and be nice.  it is SO evident who is reading and who is not - okay- I realize that is worse than evil, the awful guilt trip....  I know I have no life that allows for plenty of time for reading.

enough rambling.  How is everyone's progress going?  here is a new question:   what did you guys think of Kath's relationship with her husband Lee?  Is that something that you think women still put up with in today's time and to what extent?  would you tolerate this treatment of a relationship either with yourself or one of your good friends that you know?  what do you think that you might do about it?

Personally, I don't think that I could tolerate it and would have spoken up for myself long before getting to that point.  I think that with most guys, you can identify those signs pretty early on as it seems to be an issue of respect.  I don't know though, maybe coming from Kath's background of money and expectations, she was raised differently and didn't have any women in her life to model and expect respect from men.  She truly might have not seen anyone ever deal with it before.  I guess that times were a little bit different then.  I also would not tolerate any of that from any my friend's relationships and would at least point it out to them if they were not aware of themselves.  at least say something.

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